Sunday, 11 November 2018

Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair 22nd - 25th November 2018

Four Southbank Printmakers are participating in this prestigious fair.  Below is a peek at the work they are exhibiting.  It's wonderful work, but so much better framed and on the wall!

Kethi Copeland will be exhibiting two pieces in a new series of works that focuses on the High Street. In these new screen-prints she draws inspiration directly from her local area and its changing narrative. The characterful high street has a beauty of its own and is also filled with stark contrasts: The layers of time are revealed in the cracked paint and colour clashes of modern shops whilst the Georgian and Victorian legacy survives in the architecture above the shop fronts.

Kethi uses a multi-layered screen print process, pairing detailed line work with distinctive blocks of printed colour, taking a ‘slow snapshot’ of an ever changing city. Titled anonymously,  Kethi’s prints of ‘The High Street’ are representative of similar streets in London at risk of being erased by developers.

The High Street - close up by Kethi

Kethi will be giving a free print demonstration on Sunday afternoon. Come along on  to try your hand at block printing and contribute to street-scape artwork based on Kethi Copeland's screen-prints.

Deptford Lines by Kethi
Andrea Robinson will be exhibiting Red Boat and Tides, one of a new series of screen prints called To the Sea. Andrea’s prints combine a range of screen print techniques, including photo-stencil and hand painted mono print, and incorporate found images, hand drawn elements and family photographs. Andrea works in series to create visual narratives and to tell half-remembered stories that stem from the places where her family have settled or the places they have passed through. All the prints in the series To the Sea are based on her own photographs; they consider the spaces, light, colour and architecture of our coastlines and the visual iconography of vintage tide tables and calendars.

Red Boat and Tides by Andrea

Other prints in the To the Sea series will be exhibited at Water Street Gallery, Yorkshire (Amazing Rare Things 8 November 2018 - 27 January 2019), and Sprout Arts, London (Print Six, 13 November - 1 December 2018), and on tour as part of the 3rd Annual Red Dot Mini Print Exhibition.

Yoonjung Shim will be exhibiting  two works 'Pianoforte' and 'Brutalist II'.

‘Pianoforte’ resembles the geometric simplicity of the strings and keys of a piano. At first glance, the piece appears to be symmetrical, but when one takes notice of the soft blemished lines, these seem to evoke a melody. In essence, She tries to merge the firm strokes of the etching needle with the subtle gradation of aquatint to create an artistic deconstruction of her favourite instrument, the piano. The 11x11 Pianoforte is the starting point of a series of prints that have inspired her to produce a larger work, ‘Pianoforte Giant’.

Brutalist II by Yoonjung
Inspired by the rugged beauty of Brutalist architecture, ‘Brutalist II’ recreates the regularities of what appears to be a rippling façade in black and white. The inconsistent lines which form this geometric tessellation allude to the imperfections that we find in our everyday lives. This piece is part of a series of works that are concerned with the depiction of various façades.

Pianoforte by Yoonjung

Both works are hard-ground etching with aquatint. 

The prints Jane Stothert will be showing at the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair are of Vauxhall Tower with a hint of the American Embassy, which can be seen from her studio in Lavender Hill, Battersea. From the studio she can see the ever changing skyline littered with cranes, which is a subject she is keen to continue.

Vauxhall Tower II by Jane

Vauxhall Tower was created firstly from sketches on her iPad based on a photograph using 'brushes' app. This enables her to try out a variety of colour combinations and to also simplify her image. The final result is a combination of an image created on Photoshop and a pattern of flat shapes cut from light resistant film. These shapes are exposed onto the screen by using a photo emulsion coating on the screen, which is then exposed to light. The emulsion is washed off leaving the exposed shapes on the screen ready to print.

Vauxhall Tower by Jane

 22-25 November 2018

Thursday 22 November

Friday 23 November

New Collectors Evening 18.00-22.00

Saturday 24 November

Sunday 25 November

Building 17, Cartridge Place, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, London SE18 6ST

Monday, 1 October 2018

Follow the Lambeth Open Trail............

Autumn is well under way and this weekend we will be celebrating our fabulous new hang on Saturday and Sunday with print demonstrations, drinks and snacks.  Visit us from noon onwards, see how it's done and have a go.  On Saturday, Martin Langford will be demonstrating and on Sunday it will be Roy Tonkin

Richard Peacock, whose work is featured as part of the Lambeth Open will be on hand both days and you can see his work and other affordable prints.  Maybe pick up an early Christmas gift? (there I said it! the 'C' word)

Orbital by Richard Peacock

Stolen Hours by Richard Peacock

Richard makes screen prints and woodcuts.  His work combines elements of abstraction and pop art, with a love of colour and rhythm. He often uses discarded packaging to make the stencils for his screen prints and raids skips for wood for his wood cuts.  His work is highly collectable.

We are the 'Waterloo' spot on the map below:

A date for your diary!  Rain or Shine!

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Mychael Barratt's book signing 'London Map of Days'


From 2pm onwards on Saturday 9th June 18 Mychael will be at the Gallery signing copies of his fabulous 'London Map of Days'  We would be delighted if you could join us, meet Mychael, enjoy some refreshment and a look at our new hang which will include a multitude of London-based images.

sample from London Map of Days -
to see more images from this amazing book click here

Monday, 9 April 2018

You are invited to our PV!!

Date: Saturday 14th April
Time: From 6-8pm
At: Southbank Printmakers,Gabriel's Wharf,56 Upper Ground,London SE1 9PP
Occasion: Our Spring Hang!

The gallery has been completely rehung and we are now displaying new images - framed and unframed, seen for the first time.  All available at reasonable, affordable prices!

Join us for drinks and nibbles to browse the collection and meet the artists.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Easter Saturday

Join us on Saturday 31st March around noon when Martin Langford will be demonstrating printmaking outside our gallery in Gabriel's Wharf.  This is your chance to have a go!

Everybody is welcome.  Young and not-so-young.  You are invited to make your very own print using a drypoint technique and Martin will guide you through the process that he applies so brilliantly in his own work.

The Wharf will be bristling with chocolate eggs for you and your children to hunt down.  They will be hidden in the various independant shops and restaurants and when you're tired of searching and printing you can relax and enjoy the live music and vibrant atmosphere with a cup of coffee from Sarni's, a pie from the 5 star Pieminster or a delicious meal from Studio 6.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Lumiere London on the South Bank

Starting on Thursday 18th to 21st parts of the capital will be transformed by a magnificent and imaginitive display of light designed by international and national artists.  Transfiguring familiar landmarks and architecture, it is a sight not to be missed!

Why not come early?  Drop in and see us while darkness falls, grab something to eat and then watch Eye Love London - the Coca Cola London Eye as it illuminates the South Bank in a incandescent fanfare of light.  Alternatively, bring your children down for the day and start off with a visit to Sea Life, followed by Shrek's Adventure pop in to Southbank Printmakers (we have chocolate) then hop accross to Bernie Spain Gardens for the Bottle Festoon.

A Lumiere London highlight is just around the corner from us on the Riverside Walkway.  The Wave, an installation of 40 triangular interactive gates that respond to your presence (and everybody elses!) allowing you to participate first hand in a piece of art.

Theresa Pateman 'Starry Night Thameside'

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy this Great Start to 2018, and if you include us in your plans, we will be delighted to see you!