Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Introducing Yasmine Dainelli

We have recently welcomed Yasmine to Southbank Printmakers and I am delighted to showcase two of her exceptional prints below.  Yasmine works in black and white and the contrast between the two is what brings her work to life on the page, so to speak. Look at this "Clapton-London" which is made using colllograph and drypoint.

Although I am looking at this in two dimensions, I can feel the texture.

Then there is this one which I find very atmospheric.  Yasmine has made this using a mixture of etching and mixed media.

' Xi'An2-Logistics'  
Unsurprisingly Yasmine has been the recipient of several awards including the first prize at “Limen Art” 2013 and winner of the second prize at the French Printmaking Triennal "Estampadura" 2013.  I wonder what this year will bring?

Trained under Professor Adriano Bimbi at the Academy of Fines Arts in Florence, she also has a master's degree in printmaking at the international school of graphic art the "Il Bisonte", in Florence. She divides her time between the UK and her native Italy.

My feeling is that we are lucky to have her!

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