Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Something to 'egg' you on!

Are you thinking of heading down to the Southbank in the next few days?  If so, bring the whole family along for a phantasmagorical Easter Egg Hunt!

 These tasty treats have been cunningly concealed in the shops and galleries and while you are getting your caffeine fix in one of the local watering holes, your kids will be having a riot tracking down the yummy chocolate rewards (with apologies to dentists everywhere) (it's only once a year)

We will welcome you to our Gallery where, apart from chocolate eggs we will also be offering our usual selection of wonderful hand-made prints.  You might be looking for something Spring-like?  In which case we have work by Libby Carreck, Ann Burnham and Lucie Green and many more cheery images to brighten up your home. 

Libby Carreck
Ann Burnham
Lucie Green
 .....and to those of you who are starting your Spring Cleaning (!) We have a wealth of work to adorn those newly painted walls.

Mainly, however, we would love to see you and hope you come down and enjoy a good day out!

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