Wednesday, 30 September 2015

National Open Art Exhibition and Fiona Pienkowska

We are absolutely delighted to be celebrating our Fiona Pienkowska's recent achievement.  Her work has been selected by the prestigious NOA and will be exhibited at the Royal College of Art from 21st October to the 1st November.

Her image 'The Agony of Mary' is a hugely emotive piece of work....

Fiona tells us 'The urban environment fascinates me. I recreate scenes based on observations of people and places I see around me in the everyday ‘theatre of life.’ On every street corner, there is a story to tell.'

She has been influenced by English figurative artists from Hogarth to Edward Burra and also by Japanese and German Expressionist printmakers.

Her method of working is an Intaglio printmaking technique called drypoint.
When using this method, She draws on to a metal printing plate with a sharp tool to produce a groove, in to which printing ink is applied. Then she puts the plate through her press to produce the prints.  Usually she hand colours and sometimes collages these prints in small editions or as unique works.

Fiona also provides printmaking workshops, see her website here and contact her for further information.

More of Fiona's work can be seen at the gallery Mon to Fri and Sunday: 11.30 to 6.30pm Saturdays 10.00 to 8.00pm.

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