Sunday, 22 June 2014

Southbank Printmakers at the Royal Academy

We are delighted that five of our members have work in the RA Summer Exhibition. They are Mary Cossey, Jim AndersonMartin Langford, Theresa Pateman and Lucie Green

A little foretaste to inspire you to visit this fantastic exhibition of contemporary and emerging artists!

Let me begin with something truly 'hands on'....images by Theresa from her series entitled 'Sense & Sensibilia'  This series looks at the five senses that we all know about and queries the likelihood of misconception and also questions the validity of our 'sixth sense'  Well my sixth sense is telling me that Theresa can look forward to many red dots on her exquisitely rendered aquatints - see below:


There, There

Hands are also a theme in Jim's 'Shadow Play'  A rather amazing and vibrant lino-cut.  Jim has drawn upon the games we all played as children - creating monsters, birds and butterflies magically with clever contortions of our fingers and thumbs.

Lucie Green's highly skilled woodcut of a potter in Nepal just takes my breath away!

As I always say, these jpegs are all very well, but really only convey the image.  For the whole picture (pardon the pun) you have to see the actual print and if you can't make the RA you would be very welcome at our gallery

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