Friday, 17 May 2019

Sandra Haney 10th-23rd June 2019 with Southbank Printmakers

Currently living in the North East and frequently inspired by her surroundings at home and while travelling, many of Sandra's prints contain gestural freedom that gives each piece its uniqueness.

A  featured artist on both and Artfinder, Sandra's work sells internationally. Having lived and studied in London in the 80's and 90's, now a member of  Northern Print, Sandra creates unique printed images often employing a range of processes.

Also a painter, Sandra aims for each print to have freshness and individuality. The main constants of layering, mark-making and bold composition are brought to the prints which are often abstract.
For Sandra, printmaking is a way to replicate marks that can be present in several works, while  each piece is as individual as a painting. Fascinated by the various processes and versatility that printmaking offers, allowing for both immediacy of the hand and carefully planned processes, Sandra likes to incorporate diverse techniques to increase the creative challenge and allow for new possibilities to emerge.  This approach allows for an element of spontaneity in her printmaking.

Sandra's printmaking was selected from among 22 artists to front an Arts Council England funded exhibition in Newcastle upon Tyne 2017. 'Art History', exhibited here, was one of the works produced for that exhibition.

This is the first time these prints have been exhibited in London and while the majority of them are one-offs, some etchings, linocuts, woodcuts and engravings from small limited editions have been included.

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