Monday, 13 April 2015

Focus on Kethi Copeland

Kethi at work
Kethi is one of our Southbank printmakers who specialises in wonderful screen-printed artwork which captures London's diverse mix of  architecture. Currently she is exploring the intriguing cityscape on the north side of the Thames with its unique mix of the old and the new London. 

The part of the Thames that these screen-prints will capture is the beautiful layered cityscape from London bridge to Tower bridge; here the old and new London sit together; directly on the Thames there are the elegant buildings of Old Billingsgate and Customs House and then, towering above right behind are brand new shapes of London's skyline glass buildings with nicknames like the 'Walkie-Talkie' and the 'Cheese-Grater'. The city forms the backdrop to our daily lives and memories and it is this connection that Kethi captures in her prints.

Below you can watch a video of Kethi in her studio, making preparatory drawings and inking up her work.  She makes it look so easy! If only.......

Kethi is currently offering her work in a crowdfunding campaign. You can access her page here and I can tell you, it is well worth a visit.  The reward for a donation is an opportunity to own some of this lovely work.  Starting from only £1 through to £1000 with a screen-printing demo and a chance to pull your own print - this is a very special initiative.

To see more of her work, visit her website or come and see it at the Gallery

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