Friday, 4 July 2014

An Assortment to Tempt You!

If you are strolling on the South Bank this weekend we have a huge selection of Limited Edition Prints at our lovely gallery in Gabriel's Wharf.  We are open Mon to Fri and Sunday: 11.30 – 6.30pm and on Saturdays 10.00 – 8.00pm.  One of our artists will be sitting and can advise you on the techniques and tricks used in printmaking so your visit could be interesting and informative as well as a visual feast.

To whet your appetite here are a few of the prints you can find:

Angela Brookes 'Morning Mist'

Mary Cossey 'The Natural History Museum' - RA 2014 exhibition

David Bowyer 'Blackheath Evening'

Diana Croft 'Lone Tree'

Libby Carreck 'Meadow Buttercups'

Lilian Chow 'The High Life'

Pip Carpenter 'Green Green Grass'

Susan Short 'The Way to Wembley'
Sally Cutler 'Dulwich Heads'

We have something for everyone and for every room in the house.  Whether you are looking for humour (Sally's take on the local population in Dulwich) or profundity (Angela Brookes's 'Morning Mist' and Diana Croft's 'Lone Tree' or a souvenir of your visit to London - perhaps Mary Cossey's 'Natural History Museum, David Bowyer's 'Blackheath Evening' and Susan Short's 'the Way to Wembley' ? Or are you looking for that perfect gift?  Why not consider Mary Carreck's 'Meadow Buttercups', Pip Carpenter's 'Green Green Grass' or Lilian Chow's 'The High Life' Whatever your taste we are sure you will find something you'll love and enjoy for years to come!

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