Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Come and see Southbank Printmakers at the Lambeth Open!

On the first weekend of October artists and makers across the borough of Lambeth will be opening their studio, work spaces and homes to the public. Doors will be open 4th and 5th October from 10am to 6pm both days (check web site for dates and times of private views).

Building on the success of the previous five years they promise a wide range of arts and crafts on show including painting, sculpture, photography, textile design, jewellery and print making. Entrance is free to all venues and the latest updated map can be found on their web site at www.lambethopen.com.

This event showcases the fantastic wealth of creative talent tucked away in the borough and helps communities discover the various art workshops and studios that are too often hidden in their neighbourhoods. (Lambeth Open is also timed to coincide with the first weekend of the neighbouring Wandsworth Open House event.)

Our Jenny Ronay, Kit Boyd and Julie Sullock are all taking part......

'Paris' by Jenny Ronay

JENNIFER RONAY studied Fine Art at Nottingham College of Art and at Goldsmiths College.  She taught art in various London schools and Further Education colleges and found teaching was, not only an education in itself, but immensely rewarding and a lot of fun!

Jennifer uses her creative skills across a wide spectrum of media and techniques which include painting and sculpture as well as printmaking (her main form of expression) She is currently exploring ‘the city’.  How we see it, experience it, survive it, live in it. She finds printmaking, with its versatility a perfect vehicle for her current exploration of city landscapes and life.

100 Barrington Road, Brixton SW9 7JF

KIT BOYD – Kit’s art explores our relationship with landscape and our place in nature. Recent etchings have been primarily influenced by Samuel Palmer; they explore modern landscapes in an antique style and are sometimes populated with figures using modern technology. He follows in the British romantic tradition, and is particularly influenced by Neo-romantic artists of the 1940s and the Surrealist movement. He shows at Greenwich Printmakers, Southbank Printmakers, Skylark Galleries and the Rebecca Hossack Gallery in Charlotte Street.

Etching by Kit Boyd

JULIE SULLOCK‘s work is concerned with the layering of colour to create different moods. She uses colour to produce different perspectives when constructing a work. Julie’s work is mainly abstract but it is loosely based on parts of buildings, city lights and landscapes. She likes to combine different mediums such as Etching and Screen printing and watercolour with gouache to create different qualities within the picture. Julie is a member of Southbank Printmakers where more of her prints can be viewed.
Screenprint by Julie Sullock

Don't forget....you can always see more of their work at our gallery!

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