Monday 4 April 2016

Discover Etching with Theresa Pateman

"oh to be an etcher, now that April's here"....well......

You may have considered taking an printmaking class but never got round to it. Perhaps you were not sure what it entails?

We discuss some forms of printmaking on our website

Theresa Pateman offers two classes at the Hampstead School of Art 19, Kidderpore Ave, London NW3 7ST on Mondays 10-1pm and 2-5pm.  She will introduce you to Drypoint, Acid Etching, Solar Plate, Mono print, Linocut and Collagraph.
Theresa Pateman 'Cat in a Box' Sold out at RA Summer Exhibition

To whet your appetite - here are some images showing you what happens when you employ Drypoint on Perspex- scoring into the plastic creates a surface you can rub into and make prints from, it's also an ideal material to cut to any shape.

You will receive a warm welcome!  An added incentive is the opening of a new school in the Spring term, offering a great space for all your artistic pursuits! 

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