Friday 13 March 2020

Sandra Haney Exhibition 2020 April 16-19

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 Coddiwomple "To travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination"
Since exhibiting with Southbank Printmakers in June 2019 I have been working on a series of Coddiwomple prints. Coddiwomple describes my approach to painting, printmaking and life in general. I did not have the finished images in mind when I set out to make these prints. Every Coddiwomple print evolved through a series of decisions made along the way, and each print is unique.

Layering and juxtaposing shapes, these one-offs have been created by individually inking and printing vintage wooden letterpress type, paying attention to composition, colour and mark-making. Some developed over many months, some were shorter trips, where I reached a satisfying destination sooner.

Letters and numbers were chosen for their shapes and aesthetic qualities. Images have been made by overprinting whole or parts of the letters and numbers so that they do not function to be read as such, but as elements of an image. I am fascinated with the interaction of colour, shape and texture in a variety of compositions which are open to interpretation.

By way of contrast, alongside the Coddiwomple prints I am showing a collection of images on the theme of Trees, (side wall), where the final images were anticipated before printing. These prints were created by relief and intaglio methods from initial drawings.

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