Sunday, 22 February 2015

Lucie Green flies solo

Lucie Green's work is very popular with our customers who are unsurprisingly drawn to her vibrant and vivacious woodcuts and etchings.

Now, there is an excellent opportunity to view up to 60 of her dynamic images in a solo show at The Granary Art Gallery, Weston Park, TF11 8LE.  The show runs from 4th - 29th March and offers free admission.  Lucie's PV is on Saturday 7th March 2pm - 4pm.

This particular exhibition will show her range of linocuts, woodcuts, collagraphs and etchings, which depict various subjects from still life to interiors to scenes from countries abroad.

Her recent relief and intaglio works take inspiration from objects around her, as well as her experiences from living overseas in Asia. Chinese woodcuts have particularly interested her, following a visit to the Chinese Academy of Fine Art in Beijing.  

Lucie has exhibited widely in the east of the country, south east and London, recently having her work on show at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition last year.  In addition she has exhibited in Ludlow and Northern Ireland.

Lucie's work is always available at our Gallery along with work from 40+ printmakers so if you can't make it to the show - and I hope you can - drop by Southbank Printmakers Unit12, Gabriel's Wharf, 56 Upper Ground, London SE1 9PP 

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