Thursday, 26 February 2015

Post potato printing.....

.....or potato printing post!

Following a weekend at the RHS Spring Show where a few guys from Southbank Printmakers pitched up to provide an environment consisting of potatoes, ink and paper these pics have emerged and I thought I would share them.

A fun time was had by all!  Sales of cards and prints were remarkably good and here are some of the guys getting stuck in!
 This is Theresa who spends a large part of her life, when she isn't producing magnificent artwork, clearing up ink and paint as pictured.
 This is Mary who discovered her inner child in the humble potato.
 This lovely lady tapped her creative potential and discovered that something as delicate as a butterfly could be magicked in to existence with a few colours and a root vegetable.
 Completed patterns and prints on display at the Royal Horticultural Show
This was a communal project.....everyone had a go!

Southbank Printmakers is a gallery on the Southbank - Gabriel's Wharf to be precise.  Choc full of a wonderful selection of Limited Edition hand printed images, we are open everyday and would love to see you there.  So if you first made our acquaintance at the RHS please do visit our gallery so we can show what we can do when not making potato prints.

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