Friday, 8 May 2015

Nepal Earthquake - Lucie Green's response

Lucie Green has four rather special images of Nepal and she is offering them for sale at the Gallery.  She is a well known and accomplished printmaker who has exhibited widely, both in solo shows and at the Royal Academy.  This then is an opportunity to own one of her pieces for a very reasonable price, the full amount of which will go to the Nepal Earthquake Appeal Disasters Emergency Committee

Durbar Square, Patan.  A/P £140

As you may know, the earthquake has caused massive damage resulting in at least 5000 deaths as well as injury and homelessness.  We cannot pretend to know the suffering and horror born out of such an experience.  We can only hope that by sending money, which we can do, we might alleviate some suffering somewhere.

Patan temple, A/P linocut £170

Many of the buildings in Nepal were old and rickety and could not possibly hope to withstand an earthquake.  The authorities are planning to draw on the wisdom and know-how of architects throughout the world and are aiming to rebuild in a manner more suited to volatile conditions.

Water gathering I 3/8 woodcut £210
You may have heard that much of the relief is not getting through - but much is.....and it will all find its way as things become more organised.  The DEC assure us that ' donations will go directly to helping the wounded, providing shelter for the homeless and getting water, food and essential items to those who have lost everything. Life-saving support will be given to the most vulnerable people, including children, the elderly and those who are disabled.'

Watching the world go by II  2/15 woodcut £85

Lucie's images are at the gallery now and if you are passing, step inside and take a look.  If you decide to buy you should know that £5 can feed a family for one day, £10 can provide clean water for a family for six weeks and £20 can provide emergency shelter for a family who have lost their home so your money will be well spent and your generosity much appreciated.

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