Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Southbank Printmakers welcomes Maxine Fitter

We are delighted to be hosting Maxine's lovely work at the Gallery  She will be with us from 18th May to 31st May, when you will be able to view and buy her prints every day of the week (Mon to Fri and Sunday: 11.30 – 6.30pm Saturdays 10.00 – 8.00pm).

Born in 1940, Maxine studied Illustration at St Martins School of Art 1956-60.  She then worked for a while in commercial advertising , as a florist for Constance Spry and when she had children, opened and ran a playgroup in Witham but throughout  maintained an interest in the natural world and drawing and painting.

Since taking an EARAC course at the then NE Essex School of Art(1988-90) Maxine has concentrated on and utilised the medium of printmaking to recreate the natural world and inanimate objects around us, observing the detail and patterns, simplifying and enlarging on the intricacies involved in anything, from frogs to lilies, from boats to mill wheels.  At the same time she helped set up and establish Cuckoo Farm Artists Studios and Print workshop in Colchester.

Maxine compulsively collects information, to draw and recreate, with lino cuts for strong images, or dry points and collographs for finer details.  She employs a depth of colour and patterns in her works to catch the attention and " tell the story " as she sees it.   

Maxine regularly exhibits as a member of Colchester Art Society and Cuckoo Farm Printmakers as well as Lloyds Art Group in London.

She has had two solo exhibitions in the Colchester Digby gallery and has twice had work selected for the Society of Wild life Artists in the Mall galleries and the Eastern Arts Open in Kings Lynn.

This is a fantastic opportunity to own some of this very special work and we hope to see you during the two weeks it is available.

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