Sunday 13 April 2014

Biscuit Bonanza Courtesy of Theresa Pateman

To all biscuit lovers who like me have to watch those extra pounds we have the solution!  Theresa Pateman has a series of extremely 'dodgy' etchings to tempt your palette which are guaranteed non fattening.

Seriously though - these are amazingly and lovingly rendered to be so like the actual biscuit as to be indistinguishable - but more so....So biscuity they put the packet versions to shame. Oozing with a ruby, jewel-like jam encased in delectable crust they are an exercise in delicacy.

I have to say that achieving that just baked look is no easy task.  The colours do not come ready made, yet Theresa has achieved a piece of art that we can truly say "looks good enough to eat".

For more of Theresa's whimsical work please visit us at The Southbank Printmakers in Gabriel's Wharf.  It's a great treat for us to meet you and hopefully a rewarding day out for you and the family.

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