Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Drawn to Abstraction - Julie Sullock

Julie Sullock's work is well known and admired for its gorgeous liquid feathery colours and she is currently exhibiting at The Stables Gallery in Twickenham.  Not long to go now - the exhibition ends on 13th April.  Of course, you can always see Julie's work at Southbank Printmaker's Gallery but if you are at a loose end in the Twickenham area or feel like a foray in to the exciting world of abstract art - The Stables Gallery is the place to be.

Julie achieves a unique and exciting image (see below) using the screen printing.  You can find out more about how she does it by clicking here  Having said that - well...... you can discover the process - but may have a bit of a way to go!

This particular image is not in the exhibition although similar prints are.  Please do contact us, either via this blog or at the gallery if you are interested in this one in particular.

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