Wednesday, 16 April 2014


The finely wrought studies of Bronwen Paterson are more than just pleasing to the eye.  The images she creates are not only startlingly original but each one contains a wealth of colour and detail.

Bronwen grew up in South Africa and some of her work is reminiscent of this period. Particularly these three I think - which encapsulate some of her South African experiences.
Ends in Tears (green)
Blue Bone

Look at that Jackal!  bursting in to existence! The slithering snake and the osseous  'Blue bone'
More recently Bronwen has  depicted shards of old English pottery using her printing and painting techniques to achieve stunning effect which underlines their overlooked beauty. 
The construction of her work combines screen-printing, hand-colouring and mono-printing. This construction technique gives her prints a lush and almost tactile appearance.

Found Fragment (Red)
Found Fragment (Blue Mosque)
You can see more of Bronwen's exquisite studies at Southbank Printmakers.  Why not come and visit us? We have amazing prints to suit all tastes.

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