Thursday, 17 April 2014

Unique Utensils by Jacki Baxter

There is an element of surprise that Jacki brings to her work which is not an accident.  She takes an everyday object from your kitchen and it becomes a piece of art.  How clever is that!

I particularly like 'Blue Gold Jug' below where the flecks of gold elevate the image and somehow conveys to me the timelessness of the blue jug.  A shape that has been with us throughout man's history in the form of ewers, pitchers, flask and flagons and no doubt, because of its convenient shape will be with us for posterity.

Jacki chooses her subjects from the kitchens of family and friends.  Her intention is to give the 'ordinary' centre stage.  Inviting you to interpret it however you choose..  The image below (Golden Urn)  is an example of this.  The flourish alongside the urn takes it out of the kitchen and places it in my imagination.  How do you see it?  Let me know!

Jacki's 'Jug and Two Spoons' is aptly named and like her other images is strongly influenced by her career as a food stylist. The black and white draws my attention the shape of the everyday objects which she has interpreted using a linocut technique.

I love this one!  'On the Shelf' as it is humourously named!  This is a screenprint and the rendering of the glass is exquisite.

The extraordinary angles of the woodcut 'Under the Table' is what excites me about this one, with its glimpse of a perfectly rendered spoon nestling, as per the title.  Another surprise from Jacki!

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